YouTube Channel Sidekicks

This might be a bit controversial.

I subscribe to a fair few drone channels on YouTube.

I particularly like GeeksVana, but cannot for the life of me understand or appreciate what part ‘Lib’ plays. In terms of contribution, I’d rate Ted (IanInLondon) over Lib.

I’m sure she’s lovely and all that, and I sound like a horrible mysogynist but I just don’t get it.

I’m sure Sean has his own views; it’s his channel after all and he can do what he likes with it.

Is it just me?

Is she an internet wife ?

I’m not sure what that is… she’s not Thai. Sean has a partner and it’s not Lib.

Ah righty, I thought she had the ‘trophy’ look about her.

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Sean does a great job, but I’ve been asking the same question? Its nothing personal and frankly doesn’t bother me & it certainly won’t stop me watching it, but like you I’m mystified by her contribution at times?

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Phew… I feel better about myself already :+1: :grinning: