YouTube just bit the hand that's fed them for years

what day you think?

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Not really hurting me on my hobby channels as I didn’t reach the previous requirements yet.

One of my old channels though, I have a video on there with 167K views, which has netted me a little beer money over the months. However, nowhere near the subs that will now be required.

Of course someone will game the system and offer a service - some kind of cloud auto subscriber / video watcher, which will only make a mockery of what they are trying to achieve as far as good publishers/content, etc.

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It’s an interesting thought … in relation to the other thread : Selling your videos? : … I wonder how the CAA views hobby videos that a YPP person takes, fully intending/knowing, that he’ll be adding it to his YT channel that earns money?

I would classify that as needing the CAA’s PfCO.

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This had been discussed on a-n-other forum before GA was around and someone contacted the CAA about it.

Their response was that it was ok to post videos on YT and receive advertising revenue

Whilst every case should be judged on its own merits, some types of arrangements are not generally considered by the CAA to be aerial work:
Advertising revenue received as a result of persons visiting a website or social media page where video or photographic stills shot from a drone are displayed/posted. This is because these types of web-pages may be legitimately used to post recreational video material that was not commissioned by another party, but was conceived and wholly funded by the poster. This would not apply if the photographic material had been directly commissioned by another party for the purposes of display or marketing on their website.

See section 11. in the attached PDF from the CAA

Drones.pdf (514.1 KB)

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The hypocrites! LOL!

But excellent news … in several ways … not least of all it really muddies the waters of defining what’s “commercial”. :heavy_check_mark:

To be fair its a tax on drones and nothing more

and a big cash cow

I don’t actually think this makes a huge difference to most users. Typical YT revenues are around £1.50 per 1,000 views or £1 per 60 watch hours. So to cut out the first 4000 watch hours’ revenue will be cutting around £65. Annoying, but YT don’t pay out any money until your revenue hits $100 or £60 anyway, with smaller amounts carried over each month until the payment threshold is reached.
Unfortunately they have to make changes to allow greater manual and automated monitoring of videos that are carrying adverts, to avoid headlines where McDonalds etc are advertising alongside videos that are completely inappropriate or violent. And the only way to do that is to reduce the numbers that have adverts.

I was told to get into YT for fun, and if money comes along, then that’s a nice added bonus. That’s the way to enjoy it I think.


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