YouTube “Stats”


Just a quick “techie” type question:

If I post a link to a YouTube video on the forum, I can see the video without going into YouTube.

That’s ok but are the viewing figures reported back to YouTube?

The reason I ask is I posted an Iceberg video and have received a few very kind comments from members but YouTube figures aren’t reflecting the numbers. Not sure if it’s a problem with YouTube or not.



I’m sure YouTube collects analytics for anyone that views the videos.
What makes you think the stats are wrong?

Download the YouTube studio app it’s has loads of analytics

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When I posted the link to the Iceberg video it had 100 views.

Since then I’ve had a few really nice complements from members who have watched it, but when I go back into YouTube the figure only shows 1 extra view which may have come from a viewer not in the forum (if that makes sense?)

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve just downloaded it…wow there’s stuff on there I never dreamt of!

I’ll see, now, if the count starts to go up to match the comments…it’s broken the 100 views barrier so that’s a milestone for my channel :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Growing youtube is hard! I’m just starting out but aiming to mostly do live streams (video editing really isn’t a strong suite but waffling on about flying machines really is)


Just because people have viewed your post here does not mean they have watched your video.

Yes, that’s what I was asking.
People were making positive comments on the video on the forum (which I uploaded a YouTube link) and I was asking if the forum views were “via YouTube “ and therefore reflected in YT’s stats.

I know what you mean…I’m up to 26 now!

My editing skills are sadly lacking, but I’m hoping practice really does help!

I’ll keep an eye out for your channel…maybe swap subs :joy:

Take care.



Thanks OV. It looks like they do count, just need the stats to update I guess.

Take care