Zenmuse XT user experience?


Hi guys,

I need to (want?!/need!?) move into thermal mapping so been doing some research. Unless I want to go Uber geek and start cutting wires and soldering 5.8gig mavlink controllers to an open source ground station etc I think the Zenmuse XT is my best option.

Anybody have any direct experience? Thoughts? Alternatives?

Am I right in thinking it’ll only fit the inspire 1?



Hi Glenn. I don’t know the answer yet but I maybe able to help you in a couple of weeks! Am doing my PfCO with a local business, iRed starting 22 Jan. https://ired.ac.uk

Their main business is thermal imaging! Have a look at their website and you will see what mean. It has info about different platforms and cameras and are a DJI supplier. They do a number of thermal imaging courses. They are base in Emsworth, not far from Portsmouth.

I happy to ask any questions you want to send through