Ziceman from Northern Ireland

First of all before my boring introduction I like to thank PingSpike for the invite.

ziceman came about as I used to sign to forums as iceman before WWW became overloaded with users then not to confuse my tiny brain with numbers unless its 69 :wink: I put a Z on the front and it worked since the days of Windows NT on 14.4kbps speeds :-).

I have been around computers for 30years building and repairing after I finished my service in the army just to get some beer money lol. I was a hacker under the name devilsadvocate when the only way to get Films Games Apps and Music was via a private forums like DreDWerkZ, we would hack 24/7 servers like in university’s to create hidden folders and upload files announce of forum ftp address and let that be banged with 100s of users as we never had unlimited bandwidth to share ourselves.

Since computers became cheaper just to bin and buy a new one my beer money was drying up, I hardly bothered using a computer for a very long time as phones does all except now I have a drone and like to start editing.

Originally from Shropshire met and married an Irish lass while serving travelled the world she got homesick so transferred to Northern Ireland and tbh never regretted it.

I have Mavic pro combo and dji goggles with extras I bought on the way to improve my flying.

wakey wakey said it be boring lol.

Hi @ziceman, welcome to GADC. Great to have you with us. I followed a similar path to you re computers (except for the hacking bit) and find joy in each new generation of tech that comes along.

You’re in a beautiful part of the country for drone flying - except when it’s raining. :wink: Are you familiar with the videos of Drone Girl? She has a YouTube channel full of gorgeous Irish (republic rather than NI) scenery all shot with DJI drones. Hope to see some of yours here soon.

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yes seen the nutty irish gal lol, i agree its beautiful country, but only problem is that i have lakes in all directions so flying abit scarey at times lol, will be do vids soon.

Sounds like you need to invest in some floats for your Mavic, pronto. :slight_smile:

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seen them for the first time while reading threads and tbh had to google “getterbacks” as i had no idea what they were, after seeing them its a worthy investment.

Welcome to the club @ziceman, and thank you for your service :+1:

Your computer stories reminded me of the days (I’m going back 15-20 years now) when I used to spend countless hours on IRC bouncers typing !list in to dodgy channels and being sent a list of ftp hosts belonging to all sorts of businesses and education establishments that had not secured themselves properly and were now subject to gigabytes of the latest movie and ripped computer games sitting on FTP servers they didn’t even know they had :roll_eyes:

I even remember having a ridiculously expensive dual-ISDN line installed at home for a ‘fast’ connection of 128k :rofl:

Be sure to turn off those downward sensors when flying out over those lakes!

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Welcome aboard Ziceman

Another long time pc user here.

I remember the days of downloading one mp3 on my 28.8k and it took 20 minutes hehe

Whereabouts in N.I. are you ? I have a client who runs a bike business in Ballymena

county fermanagh with more lakes then land around me lol

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irc were the days. it was a weakness that you could hide folders on another computer, then like big files had to be ripped into 100s of 2.88mb files as slow speeds continous disconnection and files being deleted made it easy to uploaded lost files to other pubs/servers so downloader could then extract and enjoy.

is there a certain height you recommend, im flying about 15mtrs above water and no plans to fly any lower.