ZORRO Transmitter discussions etc

'cos we are going to need it…:smiley:

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and I’m just about to order one :+1:

ELRS starter pack? :thinking:

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Got to be I would imagine, with Steves wing flying etc will be perfect

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Although it looks like you can add a Nano module for Crossfire too :thinking:

That’s exactly it :smile: a ELRS unit and a CSFR module from HobbyRC :laughing:

Cover all bases :smiley:

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Is there a release date yet Steve?

Would have been tempted, but got to T-lites for xmas for me and Brendan and I’ve got a ELRS module on mine…

I’d have a got a Zorro if they’d come out before xmas for sure.


This is all the info I can find…

but it’s the end of Jan now so I’ll be waiting for a text message soon

:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: