1) Drones Shoot Down Drones 2) Ukrainian Resistance Drones

These are New Scientist magazine articles and require a subscription to read beyond the few paragraphs, but I thought even that much would be interesting.
Sorry, I don’t know a way round that, but if anyone can find a report on these matters elsewhere, please add to this topic.

  1. Drones Shoot Down Drones

  2. Ukrainian Resistance Drones

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Can you copy and paste the content here?

No, I don’t have a subscription.

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Wasn’t sure where else to post this.

Wonder if there is a fly more and refresh package?

Would you like to add a link to this in the the Wikipedia article on the Orlan ?

Not really as it’s from Twitter. Which is even less reliable than Wikipedia.

Ukrainian military do a YouTube unboxing video of Russian Drone

“Our constricts could make this $120,000 drone for $3,000. The rest would most probably be spent on snacks and cigarettes….!”


Awwww dont take the piss out of the Ruskies….!!!