1001 Drones: Record Breaking Christmas Drone Show

Sky Elements Drones, a North Texas drone show company flew a holiday-themed show using 1,001 drones, making it the largest drone show ever seen in Texas. The previous record is a show utilizing 1,000 drones by Intel in 2020. The show was flown on Sunday, December 18th 2022 in North Richland Hills.


Drone light shows are seriously impressive eh :star_struck:

Anyone know what software they use to program them?

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It’s a pitty Americans are crap at narration. :rofl:


They’ve done a few specials with a good friend of mine in the States. Chris :

One was “Kyle needs dates” above NYC

$10k show to do whatever you want to do. Chris wanted to propose so it got done (on Valentines day

April fools, Rick Roll Drone QR

And they have done a collaboration with Tom BetGeorge a.k.a. The Christmas / Halloween light show house

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That is sooooo fucking good :rofl: :rofl:

They all are though.

I wonder how many firms in the UK are doing this? :thinking:

Not a lot. On the Sly and SkyMagic are one of the bigger players in the UK, doing London NYE for example


Happy New Year all. Thoughtvthis one was good too.