180 pano vs 360 pano Mavic Air 2

Hey everyone so I finally managed to get my new MA2 up yesterday evening for a maiden flight and everything went great. I spent most of my time wizzing around getting used to the controls (it was my first time flying any drone). I did have time to take a few test images while up there. I took some 180 pano images and some 360 pano images but when I got home to check them out along the top of the 360 pano is a blurry line. I get that the Mavic cant take the upwards photos to stitch in with the camera being underneath the drone so guess the software trys to give a colour match to complete the image. But when compared to the 180 pano you seem to lose more of the upper part of the image in the 360 pano. Have I missed something in the settings or is this just normal? Thanks

Post the results and let’s take it from there ?

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Hi Chris Ive posted a couple of comparison pics. It looks to me like there is more sky in the 180 pano than the 360 pano?

Probably a tad more.

The 360 looks much better when uploaded to Kuula.

Grab yourself a free account (if you don’t already have one), I’ve uploaded your 360 to my account to show you the result (I’ll delete it when you get your own account)

Hope you don’t mind, I’ve done nothing to it, just uploaded the image as you posted it


Hi Chris thanks for that, it does look better using Kuula. I dont mind at all its given me a chance to look at it in Kuula. I will look into signing up for a free account when I get a chance cheers :+1:t2:

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No worries Steve, just to add the 360 is just that so you will always get more ground than sky.

You can do them manually once you get the hang of it enabling the extra upward movement in the gimbal.

Also you can add sky files for a better effect, see my post in the link below, also in the pano section there are lots of threads and useful advice on getting the best from your panos, if you need any help on Mac give me a shout, @OzoneVibe is your man for PC based solutions ;o)

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Ive never really done any editing before, Im more of a point and shoot on auto guy normally :grin: all of this will be a steep learning curve but I guess I need to learn at some point lol thanks for the link Chris I will give it a go

The 360 shots will also look like the kuula shot if you upload them to facebook as facebook supports 360 photos :+1:t2:

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Thats good to know cheers Deano :+1:t2:

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