1952 and 2020

A little something different. I registered an a website called Britain from the air. It has many many photos taken from the air dating from 1920s to late 50s or early 60s. They allow anyone registered to download and use the photos. I enjoy looking at the photos and then trying to take the same from a similar position.
Here’s one taken in 1952 and then in 2020 of the Rank Hovis flour mill near Selby. I’ve used a free app called ‘layout’ to place them side by side.


Any link to the website :+1:

Spot on !!! What a good idea - Ive just spent an hour looking through the index at very early photos of my area too - think I will do the same either via quad or camera - what a fine project - well done for showing this idea :+1:
If you don’t mind I will post my efforts here too, seems a sensible place to store them.

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Thanks, I posted the link for all to access. I thought it gave an extra idea/project to get out and fly.
A lot of the photos on there are amazingly clear. If you register (free) you can zoom right in and also download the photos for your own use, here’s another from 1926 and 2020 .


Cheers Brian, i looked at that but thought it was britain in the air, so was searching for that, been a long arse day lmao :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My fault, it’s Britain from above, it’s been a long day for me as well.

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And now I have an added context to getting airborne.

Thanks ever so much.

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Excellent find :+1:

Great stuff. Some years ago we had an entrepreneur come knocking. He’d acquired rolls of old film from old aerial surveys and after going to match them up against actual locations, had printed & framed the pics. We actually bought one off him and have it on the wall - was most interesting to see the changes from 1970’s to current, for our pad out in t’stix.

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Thats a great idea - well done. I hope you dont mind if I follow your example and do something similar? I am struggling to find good places to film in my area and this will help me no end.

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Go for it, sometimes it can be hard to find inspiration or something a little different from the usual scenic shots. It’s nice that Britain from above have allowed anyone to use their images without fear of copyright. Infringement.