1s Lipo Resistance

Hey guys,

A little confidence and guidance would be great!

I have brought 6 x Happy model, 1s lipo batteries at 300mah each and 30c for my nano whoop.

I plugged them into this series cable and my charger has read them as 6s (understandable)

Each cell has a fairly high voltage for new batteries at “storage charge” was above 3.8, 3 were at 4v

Also the resistance is high when charging, seems super high…

I’m charging at 0.3amps to feel safe!

A - Why is the resistance so high (tho reduces a tiny bit as the voltage charges (balances) but still high. (Thin and long cables?)

B - Should I charge them up to balance them all and then discharge as a whole to 3.8 per cell (storage)

C - Why were some above 4.0 storage charge? Is this a big issue?

Thanks so much for your help guys! :relaxed:


A) Pretty normal numbers in my experience for 1s.
B) No need really. Just storage as 6s in parallel.
C) From new?

Think of lipos as a balloon. If you store them at full charge, they might pop. But let ‘some air out’ and they’ll be ok. 4v is a little high but ok.

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Thanks a lot for your time to help :+1: and yeah they just arrived.

I’ll get them to storage now :wrench:

Thanks again :white_check_mark:


Lipo’s Hv will go to 4.35v per cell

compared to Lipo at 4.2v

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They are HV lipos so voltage from factory might have been a bit higher (0.1-0.2v) because of that.

I did just check the IR on my 1s cells and they were about 20-30ohm but YMMV, see what it is after a few cycles, it might drop

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