1st flight over water Brownhill Reservoir

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Loved the opening with the earth to flying location. But unfortunately I had to turn it off.
This was due to the “probable” fault on your gimble.
Or the shot was not lined up properly. I had to tilt my phone screen so I could watch it. :see_no_evil:

Good scenery from what I saw :+1:t2:

Gimbal is definitely off.
Great scenery, i would say the video is a touch on the long side. And a bit of practice on the turns required as they are a bit on the jerky side especially as you follow the reservoir going forward.
Otherwise great location good framing and lovely colour.

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Well worth watching. I can’t agree about the gimbal as all the trees are upright, but there is some lens distortion around the edges but that’s to be expected. I do agree there are some slightly jerky bits - were you in Cine mode? Lovely scenery, good music and well constructed beginning. Thumbs up from me. :+1:

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Thanks for the feedback.

I looked at the gimbal whilst on a flight this morning and seems it needed calibrating which looks like it fixed it.


43 seconds in, look at the trees on the left of the reservoir, they are definitely not straight. I would say the gimbal was off by 3 / 5 degrees.

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I’ll bow to your superior knowledge - I thought it was distortion. :thinking:

Great video nice one