2017 Fireworks Challenge


Morning All,

Here’s my effort for the Fireworks Challenge



Nice shots! Quick turn around on your editing too!


I’m going to guess this cunning plan was scuppered by the underwater diving your bird did recently? :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks Alex, looks amazing!!

Do we have any more contenders??

You’ve a week or so to post your pictures or videos :smiley:


Yep the plan sank as did my Mavic. :sob:


No matter that the Mavic low light performance is poor, it’s still the wise choice over the Kama. I owned one for a short time, not a good experience.


Fireworks didn’t turn out as I had planned. when I got to the local display I had not taken into account the amount of people who would be there. I didn’t want to fly over the crowd so it was just basically up and stay there from just outside the park. On a positive note I learned a thing or two I realised that 1. I need some cree for night flights. 2. the drone does a half decent job hand held.


Here’s a few shots from last weekends local fire work Display
Shots from my Phantom 3 advanced :grin:


Bloody hell mate :open_mouth:

They came out REALLY well!!!

Thanks for your entry :smiley:


Just four days left everyone - Get clicking on Like to cast your votes!


Stunning Sound Track @StevenPSCC and the video footage Rocks Too.


:tada: :tada: :tada: CONGRATULATIONS :tada: :tada: :tada:

We have ourselves some winners!

@StevenPSCC received the most votes and therefore gains the exceptionally exclusive Gold Trophy badge :trophy:

@yorkshire_drone and @snowy win joint second place and they both receive the Silver Trophy badge :smiley:

Congratulations to you all, nobody else can win these badges, they are exclusive to you and you alone :blush:

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries and to everyone who cast their votes - very much appreciated :+1:

Keep your eyes on the #challenges forum everyone as we’ll be announcing the next GADC Challenge very soon!


Thanks all, looking forward to the next challenge :slight_smile:


Thanks to all who voted it was a great challenge well done StevenPSCC :+1:


Ha, I work on the railway and we still use the Roman measurement of chains. But I must say it’s easier to get my head round, but confuses the hell out of the ‘young uns’ in the office who were brought up on metric straight from the breast, as it were.