2018 Golden Hour Challenge


Indeed to both! :+1:


About time you posted something :laughing:
Welcome aboard Leon


Twmbarlwm Hill Fort @7.16 on Monday 1st Oct, this one is from the Mavic Pro with no ND filter, ISO-100, f/2.2, 1/500 sec.


Amazing photos guys, and welcome @Imleon :smiley:


Ok so here is my entry.
Somerset Levels by the River Huntspill.
September 29th about 7.00AM
Mavic Pro (1) ND8

Hope you like them. Probably my best to date.


Some great pics! Thanks for entering the challenge! :+1:


Thanks. I got lucky. Perfect conditions. Wished I had more than one battery!
Work in progress on a vid to upload to my YT channel.
All the best.


Fantastic photos @mavkeb :+1:


Great shots love the morning mist


One of my entries for the 2018 Golden Hour Challenge
End of the Rainbow.
Taken 6th October 2018 5.42p.m.


The MA does a good job! :+1:


Hayling Island, 28-29th September. The changing of the seasons.


Sorry about the quality, it was 4K but unsure how to post in higher res. Newbie alert!



It has only uploaded to YouTube as 720.

How did you upload? Direct from editing software? Might need to change upload settings.


Have I lost time :thinking:


its doctor WHO?


The dates are ref to when photos taken.
I uploaded using link to You Tube.
Film made in iMovie


That was taken last year?

From the challenge rules, in the first post ….

Is it a brand new YouTube account? If so, I think you’re limited in resolution for a while. Can’t recall exactly.


Apologies, September '18.
Long weekend!