2018 Golden Hour Challenge

The Grey Arrows Drone Club is pleased to announce its fourth Challenge!

Here’s your chance to win a super rare, exclusive badge to grace your Profile page! Haven’t heard of GADC’s awesome awards? Check out our announcement regarding Badges, Awards and Challenges.

Welcome to the ‘2018 Golden Hour Challenge’.

The objective is simple : Enter a maximum of five photographs and/or videos taken during either the dawn/sunrise or sunset/dusk hours of day AND also taken during the allotted challenge time frame (approx. six weeks).

The winner will be the person who’s photo is judged (by the Grey Arrows Drone Club Committee) to be the best.
Judging will take place as soon as possible after the challenge closing date.
Judges will consider the usual pictorial criteria of composition and subject but, additionally, the colours and “sense” of “Golden Hour” will be taken into account.
The judges will score each of the challenge submissions (without reference to one another) and the judges’ scores for each entry will be added together to give each entry a total score.
Where an entrant submits more than one entry, only their highest scoring entry will progress and be considered to determine final positions in the challenge.
The winner will be the entry with the highest total score.

We have three awards available for you to win in our latest challenge. They are:

1st Place Winner - Gold Trophy

2nd Place Winner - Silver Trophy

3rd Place Winner - Bronze Trophy

The rules and small print for this challenge are as follows:

  • You must post your pictures and/or videos to this thread in order for it to be eligible (feel free to also post / duplicate it in the relevant #media category if you wish).

  • This challenge is open between 5th September 2018 and 21st October 2018, the closing date.

  • Your photos and/or videos must have been captured between these dates

  • Media posted to this thread outside of these dates will not be eligible

  • You may post and submit a maximum of 5 photos and/or videos

  • Photos that have been edited will be permitted, HDR (auto or from multi AEB exposures) are also permitted, but panoramas created by the stitching together multiple images will not be permitted.

  • Videos are to be a maximum of 30 seconds and may contain time-lapse and/or hyper-lapse

  • Text should be included with your entry post that includes the date and (rough) time the entry was taken and also where the entry was taken.

  • Media must be shot using your drone whilst it is flying

  • Please abide by the Drone Code when shooting your media

  • The member whose entry scores highest will be deemed the winner and that member will be awarded the exclusive 1st Place Gold Trophy. The member whose highest scoring entry scores the second highest will be awarded the 2nd Place Silver Trophy and the member whose highest scoring entry scores third highest will be awarded the 3rd Place Bronze Trophy

  • In the event of a tie at any position the Grey Arrows Drone Club reserve the right to declare an outright winner at that position.

The Results

What the judges really noticed was the overall quality of the entries that made the judging very tricky, but all judges agree that the method used, and the result it created, has produced the correct result.

So - new shiny badges will be flying out as follows …

In 3rd place, winning the 2018 Golden Hour Winner - Bronze badge, is @sparkman999!! :trophy:

In 2nd place, winning the 2018 Golden Hour Winner - Silver badge, is @Homer!! :trophy: :trophy:

And … your winner … who receives the 2018 Golden Hour Winner - Gold badge is …… @BrianB!!! :trophy: :trophy: :trophy:

Congratulations to the winners, and congratulations all entrants for the quality of the photos and videos submitted.

The top 3 entrants are re-posted below in their final ranking positions.








All the top 25, in ranking order, can be found here.


Great idea guys and much more sensible time of year for sunrises! Always hated the 4 am starts in the summer! :+1:


Just need the weather, now. :wink:

Hence a reasonable timeframe to give everyone a chance to grab a few.


Try the app …TPE The Photographer’s Ephemeris
(www.photoephemeris.com) its an ideal way of working out sunset and sunrise anywhere in the country, also shows shadows. by the way of colored markers. Clever as it uses google maps


Don’t give away all our secrets! :wink:

I’m sure others will appreciate that tip. Thanks!

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lol,me thinks an altitude hack may be in order:rofl::rofl::laughing:

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I used that to choose the house we are living in :+1:



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This morning was the best sunrise I’ve seen in a long time, sadly I wasn’t out with any toys :disappointed:


No entries yet guys?

Remember you can submit up to 5 each and it’s your highest scoring one that counts.


Now is that only 5 of one sort, or 5 of each?
(eg 5 videos, 5 pictures ?)
or 5 in total of both ?

Five entries … in total.

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Okay, I’ll kick things off, this is the first one from me, hoping to get something else before the closing date.
The Folly Tower, Pontypool, 16/09/18 @ 7.03am
f2.8, 1/25 sec, ISO-100
10 minutes later it started to rain so didn’t get much, I was hoping for a better one on the way there but was a little optimistic.


The first entry :bowing_man:

Thanks for kicking thing so off @MementoMori - and what a great photo too! :+1:


Thank you Rich, It looks darker here for some reason.
Forgot to add I also was using an ND16 filter that I had forgotten to remove.

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My first Video offering for the Challenge, not easy to get right, but, I hope you enjoy my evening experience !.
Taken at 7.22pm on Sept 13th 2018 at the UEA (University of East Anglia) Lake.
I was flying at 50 meters with a polarising filter fitted, camera set on full auto.
A flock of Seagulls were becoming a bit wary of the Mavic, so I high tailed it out of the area, as I was flying over the water at the time!.
This was my second evening at the same location. My first attempt the evening before was at trying the Mavic Air’s hyper lapse function.


Love the birds flying about. Also, the reflection in the water of the tree on the left. :+1:


Amazing pic


Thank you Barry.

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