2019 Mixed Theme Challenge

This was done with a self built quad. Lost the FPV at the back of the pond for a couple of seconds, but kept it up. Nothing special, but it’s my entry.


Thanks @notveryprettyboy - entry confirmed :+1:t2:

a very short version of sample video shot last weekend, still practicing and getting used to what the M2P can do.

Looking forward to the new challenges.

welcome feedback


If you paste the YouTube link in its own line, it automatically creates the embedded player. :wink:
You can edit that post, if you wish.

was just working on it, missed the upload option

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Upload is limited to 50MB … but absolutely fine for small clips. :+1:

Great vid chap! Love it. How are your nerves over water?

Was flying like this the other day with my Mavic Pro after I got a compass error :rofl:

thanks lozzer, nerves are getting better
did lose a drone to a rockpool when I first started when controller lost signal and it was within 10 metres of take off so just landed, unfortunately over a rockpool and i was a second too late getting in there.
However, I’m a sailing photographer so will be hand launching from boats soon.

@notveryprettyboy and @lee could you let us know the following please:

Thanks guys :+1:t2:

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The “Water” theme is only open until Friday - you still have a few days to get your entries in :smiley:

The second theme will be revealed then too!

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Any chance of an extension? :slight_smile:

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Afraid not mate.

If you miss it, your just going to have to make up some ground in the last 3 themes. :wink:


What time Friday ?

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Midnight :+1:t2:


Cheers Callum, Always worth an ask :smiley:


Taken on Monday 7:00 at the river Parrot estuary.


Kirk Bramwith Aquaduct near Doncaster.
The Aquaduct channels the New Junction Canal over the River Don


my entry for this challenge was shot on the 19th at lelant beach , st ives bay cornwall

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It was at tewkesbury disused golf course. On the 22/4/19. Nothing of interest really. Just a pond.

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