2019 Mixed Theme Challenge


The Grey Arrows Drone Club are pleased to announce the next in a series of Challenges!

Here’s your chance to win a super rare, exclusive badge to grace your Profile page! Haven’t heard of GADC’s awesome awards? Check out our announcement regarding Badges, Awards and Challenges.

Welcome to the ‘2019 Mixed Theme Challenge’.

The objective is simple: Enter one Photograph, Pano or Video for each of the 4 themes during the allotted time window (for each theme).

During this eight-week challenge, your themes are:

  • Week 1 & 2 - Water
    – From 19/04/19 to 03/05/19
    Lakes, reservoirs, ponds, canals, the sea, etc

  • Week 3 & 4 - Industrial
    – From 03/05/19 to 17/05/19
    Solar farms, cooling towers, railways, ports, etc

  • Week 5 & 6 - Golden Hour
    – From 17/05/19 to 31/05/19
    Sunrises and sunsets

  • Week 7 & 8 - Theme to be revealed!
    – From 31/05/19 to 16/06/19

The winner will be the person who’s entries are judged (by the Grey Arrows Drone Club Committee) to be the best.

We have three awards available for you to win in our challenge. They are:

1st Place Winner - Gold Trophy

2nd Place Winner - Silver Trophy

3rd Place Winner - Bronze Trophy

The rules and small print for this challenge are as follows:

  • You must post your entries to this thread in order for them to be eligible (feel free to also post / duplicate them in the #photos or #videos categories if you wish)

  • This challenge is open from from 19/04/19 to 16/06/19, the closing date. Media posted to this thread outside of these dates will not be eligible. Your entries must have been captured between these dates

  • You must tell us when and where (geographically) the photo/video was taken and provide some information about any significant items included in the view (what it’s called: a church name, for example)

  • All media must have been captured in the UK (For our overseas members, all media must have been captured in your home country)

  • You must only insert one photo or video per post / reply (so we can link directly to it)

  • Once your entry has been confirmed as eligible and/or added to the Leaderboard it may not be replaced or substituted for another entry at a later date

  • Media must be shot using your drone while it is flying

  • Videos must be a maximum of 30 seconds and may contain time-lapse and/or hyper-lapse

  • Entries must be taken within the guidelines of the Drone Code

  • The judges will rank all the challenge submissions (without reference to one another) and the judges rankings for each entry will be added together, and these totals themselves will be ranked

  • Where an entrant submits more than one entry, only their highest scoring entry will progress and be considered to determine final positions in the challenge. Only their highest scoring entry will be eligible for being awarded a badge

  • The winner will be the entry with the highest total rank

  • The member whose entry ranks highest will be deemed the winner and that member will be awarded the exclusive 1st Place Gold Trophy. The member whose entry ranks the second highest will be awarded the 2nd Place Silver Trophy and the member whose entry ranks third highest will be awarded the 3rd Place Bronze Trophy

  • In the event of a tie at any position the Grey Arrows Drone Club Committee reserve the right to declare an outright winner at that position

Drone pics ...my first entry
Tynemouth sunrise
Eccup Reservoir
Warwickshire/Nuneaton/Coventry etc

[Post reserved for future use]

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Great idea to have a series of challenges :ok_hand::+1:

New Brighton Lighthouse

Weather looks to be good across the whole country this bank holiday weekend :+1:t2:

Anyone flying near some water and wants to kick off the challenge?

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I just asked the neighbour if I could borrow their kid’s paddling pool … :wink:

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Quick reminder @colinbm


(and possibly this one too)

Thanks :blush:


Doh, meets the date requirement but will retract and trim!

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Trying again :slight_smile:

Edited, to follow the instructions.

The Bass Rock Lighthouse on Bass Rock is a 20-metre (66 ft) lighthouse, built in 1902 by David Stevenson, who demolished the 13th-century keep, or governor’s house, and some other buildings within the castle for the stone.

(Thank you, Wikipedia)

Glamorgan Coastline
The Daily Photo Thread

Thanks @colinbm, entry confirmed :+1:t2:


Here we go this is a pic taken on Easter Sunday 2019 of the old Severn bridge taken from the river bank at Aust warf

This was taken from my Yuneec Typhoon H Plus


Alas not…

You let us know which one you’re entering, we’ll delete the other one to avoid confusion :+1:t2:

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My entry for Water.
Solar powered lamp :wink: at Tynemouth sea front - 22/04/19. About 06:50


:rofl: Brilliant!


I’m going to try and push the boundaries by submitting this 3D model for my water theme! It was taken a few weeks back near Romsey on my Mavic 2 Pro and processed in OpenDrone Map then Blender. I will submit some more traditional entries if this gets disqualified by the committee :slight_smile:

Admin Edit: File removed


Perhaps a boundary too far.


Good point. I missed that bit! Also my embedded linking doesnt work!

I RETRACT my entry!



Entry confirmed :+1:t2:


Horrahhh a new challenge. Been so (too) busy lately with work its a great reason to get airborne!!!


Lovely picture


Entry confirmed :+1:t2: