2020: My Year in Review

As we are now in lockdown again, I have put together a review of the year 2020 with my drone videos. For many people 2020 was the worst year, but for me it was a huge improvement on 2019 due to illness. Please watch and hopefully you will enjoy, at least some of the shots.


Steve - that is one cracking video. When I started to watch I immediately thought that 9.35mins was going to be too long - what do I know - I really enjoyed the entire video from start to finish.
One to be really proud of :clap: :clap: :clap: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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@Jhdee Thanks John, appreciate you looking and taking the time to comment. Now that the pressure of editing is done, I have re-watched it and, apart from one or two little bits I might have changed, I am quite proud.

Great video, I mainly do stills so quite envious.

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Thanks Ron. When I bought the drone it was so that I could capture different views of landscapes and prehistory sites, but tried the video and got hooked. Similar workflow to photography but moving images. I shoot in RAW and use DaVinci Resolve to edit and colour adjust. Give it a go - it might surprise you.

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Beautiful collection there Steve. Like and subbed :+1:

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Have tried a couple of bits of vid but then I go out do my still shots and come back and think, that would have been good to video. Must try harder. When I have done some I do use DaVinci, very impressed with the program, still can’t believe it’s free!


Thanks Chris.

Shhhhhh!!! Don’t say that as they might start to charge lol.

Really nice video Steve

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Thanks Naz. I must admit that I quite enjoy this one, worth the effort.

Very good great complication

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Thank you John. Appreciated.

Cheers Geoff, you are very welcome and I’m pleased you enjoyed.

This is a very nice video.

I enjoyed the music, loved the flying and the sites you visited made me a little jealous.

Loved it - thanks very much.