2nd project, Hazelhead, Aberdeen

Just my 2nd video, so be kind .
Shot over 2 days hence some of the colour differences but these things you learn.
Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed making it.


Ok stupid question, but how do I know the video has uploaded ?

not sure how you are trying to upload the video (forgive me if I’m teaching you what you already know) but the way to do it is to upload to a host site like YouTube or Vimeo - I prefer Vimeo but they have a very low upload limit per week unless you pay them .

Once your video has uploaded to either site you will be alerted - either if you are still on the site or by email.

Then you can post the url of your video here

https://vimeo.com/414793666 results in this from my Vimeo stash


Brilliant, I take it my attempt didn’t work :joy:

If you can paste the URL to your uploaded video on YouTube or Vimeo in here somewhere, we’'ll edit the first post for you so it appears :slight_smile:

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Think that it


First post updated :+1:t2:

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Thank you so much

Thanks for the video, I used to go there as a kid, happy memories of the place!

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