3 blade props


Browsing through Amazon and came across these, has anyone tried them?

Tribladed props are less efficient than biblades but produce more thrust. Your quad will draw more amps and the motors will run hotter so check those motor temps. Your flight times will also decrease compared to biprops due to the drop in efficiency.


From the review on Amazon:
These props did reduce the noise level whole taking off and landing but are causing false high wind warnings and voltage anomalies with the motors. To ensure this was not a random issue I performed 5 separate tests using 5 separate batteries and 2 different Mavic Pros and the same issues arose each time these props were in use. Consistent use of these props will likely cause a catastrophic failure of 1 or more motors.


I haven’t bought them I was just keen to hear if anyone else had. You have both raised the same issues I suspected, extra load on the motors as @anon34183503 said they produce more thrust which means the motor is working harder and over heating, which would lead to eventual failure.