360° Virtual Reality video at Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide Football 2023

I captured this 360 degree interactive VR spherical video at Tuesdays Ashbourne Shrovetide football game.
For best quality ensure video is set to view at 2160s.
you can look in all directions by dragging with the mouse and zoom in with the wheel, if you view on your phone in fullscreen (via the youtube app) then it will move with your position, best viewing is with a VR headset as its just like you are there in person.

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I read an article in the Derby Telegraph about someone using a drone over crowds at the Shrovetide football. Wonder who that was ???

Well, it wasn’t @comedyhunter :slight_smile:

From the article:

This was after concerns were raised by photographer Andy Savage who witnessed a drone flying over a large crowd at around 2.21pm that same afternoon. He said: “Frustrating to see drone pilots not complying with the CAA rules by flying over crowds here at Ashbourne Shrovetide football. I’ve brought my drone but I won’t be hovering over crowds. I imagine the footage is amazing but not legal!”

Besides, you can see him here, holding his 360° cam on the end of a stick. This is the “non-drone” section after all.


Apologies if you weren’t insinuating it was him.

On the flip side, I imagine participating the Shrovetide Football is probably only slightly less injurious than being landed on by a sub-250g drone. Not that I’m condoning illegal drone flights. :wink:

Yes the paper and Derbyshire constabulary used my tweet about drones which I saw flying at the start of the game. I was filming with a 3M carbon fibre selfie stick btw.

LOL, yes Im using a 3M selfie stick to get my “drone like” footage

I wasn’t insinuating at all. My apologies if you thought I was.

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