3d mapping?

Anyone use the Mavic or any other DJI quad for 3d mapping?

Looks pretty amazing but cost of software is absolutely insane.

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Just caught up with Saturday’s “Britain at Low Tide”, Ch4.
Some impressive 3D drone work in that! … toward the end, of you watch on All4.

I’ll get a look tonight mate. Cheers

Been looking some more into this, there’s a few solutions like groundstation and fpv camera that autonomously capture required images. You then need software or a cloud subscription to render into map or 3d model.

Aerial3d360 looks pretty cool and is aimed more towards 3d models. Capture using fpv camera app, upload and you can download a 3d model.

Lot of people modelling buildings, monuments etc and printing on 3d printer.

I’m looking more for something I can create a 3d map of derelict areas or historical places where the landscape is due to significantly change.

It’s not that important to me to pay for it though.

The 3D renders appear @ 33:30 and 43:30. :slight_smile:

Just watched the episode. Indeed pretty impressive.

Amazing what you can do with a consumer quad.

They did similar on finding Hitler with and without laser scan to find depressions in the earth for buried objects.

Definitely going to give it ago when I can find a cost effective or preferably free method.

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I think free trials are going to be the way to go. Pix4D costs £6500 for a lifetime license but offer a 14day free trial.

I’ll wait until I’ve got some free time and get as many maps done as I can in those 14days.


No concession for OAPs with a limited lifetime ahead of them! … or me! :stuck_out_tongue:
That’s a lot of money! You’d think they could make more by selling more at a more affordable price. Though I guess that depends on the development cost, and why (and for whom) it was developed in the first place.

They do a monthly and yearly subscription.

240 euro a month and 2400 yearly.

Just noticed drone deploy have a free tier. 30 days premium trial then you can move to free tier.

I was hoping someone might have known the best options but looks like I’m going to find out myself.

I’ll post up everything I find.


You ever do anything more on this @callum ??

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Nope, became another interest I lost interest in :rofl:

Its still something id like to try, might get around to it one day.

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Autodesk do a 3d scan software called revit which is free for students and teachers, have used it to make and then 3d print models of heads and small objects, noticed it now has a drone section to the program! Have planned to investigate while I’m off on summer break. Plan is to use the helix mode on my spark to ‘scan’ a monument or statue

Thought to myself, brilliant, I can get that… just tried to download and only windows, not Mac!!! :unamused: