3D printed RC aircraft


I’ve uploaded a file for a Aero Commander or Shrike Commander, I used to service one in the 70’s as a trainee aircraft technician for the Flying Doctors Service in Kenya.

The 3D print time is estimated at 500Hr, it needs scaling down to fit my bed, I’ve put it in the “might do later bin”

The Model


Companies like eclipson and 3dlabprint have been making some awesome 3d printed aircraft for a little while now, seem like they fly amazing have been meaning to try it out.

Hmmm… what could be happening here…


Wow, how cool! Whats ur print size?!

It’s a Prusa Mini… so 180mm x 180mm x 180mm…

Despite the website saying 210x210x180 is needed everything has fitted fine so far…

hah cool, where link to the model? and what filament you using?

I’m using Esun PLA+. I’ll probably use Prusament PC Blend for the motor mount. The recommend PETG rather than PLA for heat resistance. I find PETG an arse to print with and prefer PC Blend, since I have it, I’ll use it.

It’s the Model T by Eclipson. I’m printing the “taildragger” version for land use.

There’s also a free version, with no undercarriage at all, neither sea nor land, on thingiverse.

There’s loads of other bits on thingiverse.

I’m also printing the FPV camera mount.

Wow nice one! Be cool to see how that goes. I’ve not tried me PETG yet, will do this weekend though!

On the Prusa Mini I have to change the print bed to the textured one which then means I have to go through the Z-calibration again as it’s a different thickness… with PC Blend I just print on the same bed as I do for PLA, though I have to make sure it’s covered in gluestick to ensure that I can get the part off the bed at the end… this is fine since I always use gluestick anyway.