3D printing a small drone

So I’ve been getting into 3D printing over the last year during lockdown. Previously it’s been primarily for my wargaming hobby, but then I saw an article about 3D Printing a micro drone.

I’ve been designing and building it ever since. Waiting for stuff to come from China!

I haven’t quite got the FPV sorted yet. I have a camera but am awaiting goggles and so far have only flown it in my back garden.

I have been looking for safe places to fly the little thing around Chesterfield.

I have my CAA operator ID and have been watching a lot of Youtube videos.


Nice work - how much does it weigh ?

Good question!

I just went and weighed it. 89g with battery etc.

I decided I thought that antenna was a little vulnerable as it was so I printed a bit of protection for it from Polypropylene.

The rest of the body is already printed from that same stuff.


What is PP like when printed? Stiff? strong? flexible etc? Never tried it.

Strong, almost indestructible. Slightly flexible, but returns to the same position.
I saw a Youtube video where a guy tried loads of filaments and this came out best.


This guy is funny. Good find! :rofl:

Yes, he certainly makes fun videos.

We took it out this evening for it’s first FPV flights.

I’d be interested in any comments on anything at all (drone related) you may notice in the video.