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Anycubic photon slicer 64bit, its the slicer program that came with the printer.

I have no problem scaling down or up, the main problem is that everything comes into the slicer in solid form so i have to try to hollow it myself and am not having much success doing this so far,
Think i will have to look at a fdm but don’t want to try to run before i can walk, but will definitely have a look at the ender 3

depending on your resin printer if it’s wanhao or any cubic they have a hollowing feature in their slicers but you can configure them for any printer

Thanks for taking the time to reply.
It is a anycubic printer and slicer but i cannot find how to hollow in the slicer, looked on line but no mention anywhere, can you tell me where to look please ???.
Keep trying to use meshmixer but when i get to what format to export the file in i get stuck, as you can see there are about 7 options and i dont know what one to use, i have tried all the stl ones with various results but have not been able to make a complete print yet.
Any advice most welcome.

Ah apologies I use chitubox which has hollowing. Anycubics default slicer doesn’t. And you need to use STL Binary

Hi Alan1for
Thank for the tip about Chitubox :+1: :+1: :+1:, now got it downloaded and installed, it looks very similar to the photon slicer but i like the idea that i can now do everything in one place rather than hollow in one place and then having to slice somewhere else.
Just need to practice with the settings now.

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