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Does anyone on here use ether Tinkercad or Thingiverse ???.
I have tried to use both of them for the past few day and cannot get Tinkercad to work at all, it just gets to create new design and then just sits there for several days and does not load any further.
Thingiverse, when you put in a search term will load just one page if i am lucky.
I have searched for answers via twitter, facebook etc but can find no reports of the sites being down, any ideas please.

Tinkercad has never let me down. Even today. Thingiverse however has always been a poor site. Good content. When it works!

Try yeggi for 3d print searches.

thanks for the tip about yeggi, had a quick look there and found some of the items take me to thingiverse which then works ???.
Still nothing from tinkercad which is the one i really need as am partway through something and also it is quite easy for me to use, are you joining from a saved page or just from a google search as i have not been able to get it to work for about 5 days so far.

Fusion360 is what you want for design. Free for hobbies/personal use…

Thingiverse is always rubbish

Just tried Tinkercad this minute. No problems. Try flushing your cookies or stored internet things. No clue how to do that by the way!

I also use Tinkercad all the time. There loads of training tutorials out there and it’s a great free resource. I find it most useful for re-engineering existing .stl files to serve a specific purpose. It does have some really annoying clumsiness and this can put newcomers off. An example would be rounding corners and edges on a model.

I also use Thingiverse alot. It definitely struggles under the weight of everyone who uses it and at sever points recently was giving out a 404 error. It is badly in need of a server and bandwidth upgrade, but it is still (in my opinion) the most heavily populated site for 3D prints.

Is there something specific you are trying to achieve?

You have Cults.com and also myminifactory.com too.

Just a bit of a update
Tried various things with no luck, then went to kapeskery to check if tinker was being blocked for some reason, and according to kaspersky it was not, then i found this

My design is not loading and I cannot create a new design either, how do I fix it?

Do you have Kaspersky or other antivirus software installed? Or perhaps a Chrome add on that may be blocking the editor from loading? Many are reporting that Kaspersky is blocking the Tinkercad editor from loading.

The responsible Kaspersky component for this is the Web Anti-Virus and Network
Settings that can be found under Protection and Additional tab. You may need to allow www.tinkercad.com in this tab.

Disable Kaspersky blocking loading of designs:

  1. Open Kaspersky Internet Security console
  2. Click on Gear Icon in bottom left corner
  3. Click on “Additional” tab on left hand side
  4. Click on “Network” link on right hand side
  5. Scroll window down till you see “Manage Exclusions”
  6. Add “www.tinkercad.com” to exclusion list
    followed this and it all works after the computer was restarted,
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Need to recharge laptop

I would be wary of those sites that immediately point to your anti-virus and the reason for your troubles. I use an Av all the time and have never known it to have an issue with the Tinkercad site. Also, the Tinkercad site is just that, an online design website. Other than the usual cookies it doesn’t try to install anything and doesn’t require any third-party add-ons to run. If there is an issue with your browser’s ability to work in Tinkercad then I would look at that, your browser. Most have an ability to restart with addins turned off, or a “safe mode” that will do that for you.

So i now seem to be able to access and use tinkercad at last, funny thing is that we had to do the same thing to the main p,c to get that to work as well, so it seems that there is some problem between tinkercad and my antivirus.
Thanks for the suggestions for various other site to use but it seems that Cults.com site s up for sale.
The main reason i use thingiverse is mainly that it is free, and as most of the items on it are for FDM printers and mine is a SLA printer most of the items are not printable on mine.

All i am trying to do is print like a “top hat” so i can fit a small clock face in a model castle wall.
Now trying to get my head around fusion360, Thanks Wyntreblue.

can I ask what you mean by not meant for SLA and not printable? Everything and anything on the sites can be printed on both SLA and FDM.

My printer uses liquid resin and sets each layer by uv light, and prints upside down and from the bottom up on a plate.
Also I am restricted by the plate size.
Most of the items on sites have hollow areas that my printer has problems with (possible just me as still learning) and also i have to put in supports myself as the item is printed the other way up than what it was designed for sometimes a part is in mid air (if that makes sense)
I have started to play with Meshmixer but it is a steep learning curve for me, in the past prints have come out completely solid or filled with liquid resin.
I must admit that having played with my printer for a while i am considering a basic (cheap) filament printer as the main problem that i can see with mine is the choice of resins for strength.
If you have any ideas please feel free to point me in the right direction.

You probably need to specify an infill amount for what your printing but your slicer will take care of that. Also doesn’t matter if it’s a goop printer or a filament printer. As far as the sliver goes they work the same

Sorry, but what do you mean by “the silver” ???

Sorry slicer autocorrect he’ll

thanks for clearing that up.

Can you be more specific about what you mean by a infill amount, is this option in my slicer program ??? as i have had look round but cannot find any “infill option”

What slicer are you using?

Only restriction would be size if you can’t scale it down but everything is printable on both. With the resin printers you just have to position the part and supports a bit more carefully. I have two resin printers but mainly use them for decorative stuff. For strong parts your better with fdm (ender 3 is a good cheap starter)