3iC Drone PfCO Assesment

Hi there, this my first post as I’m new to the forum. I was just wondering if anyone has done the online PfCO course with 3iC? I’m currently doing mine and have my assessment day booked for the end of November and looking for any info, tips or advice on the day of assessment. Are the questions based on the multiple-choice ones that are featured in the quiz of each module or are there any others that weren’t featured in the quiz?

Thanks in advance for your feedback : )

Well mine were yes

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Thanks for letting me know. So they didn’t throw you any googlys in the questions dept?

Welcome to Grey Arrows @CDog - it’s a shame you weren’t here sooner, we have a discount scheme in place with 3iC :blush:

@joe.k and @GTMonster and @lee (and probably others) have done their PfCO through 3iC - I’m sure they’ll be along soon :+1:t2:


I have as well

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No not really just watch the video’s over and over

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The questions are multiple choose and mostly taken exactly from the quizzes at the end of each test. Learn the quizzes!

My flight test was primarily 3 parts. Risk assessment and safely, understanding the quad and its safety features (RTH and how it operates at given distances from the home position). Ability to fly. If you are flying a Mavic as GPS can’t be switched off you fly GPS mode. A phantom, you will most likely be asked to fly some atti mode as well.

They want you to pass.


Have they updated the course info yet or was it out of date? Was class F airspace (not existed since 2014 in the UK) still in the course?

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It’s a very good point, many of the ‘Mavic Generation’ of flyers will never had the opportunity to fly Atti (or even understand how it works).

The whole system is wrong, it’s like the driving test (I’ve used the analogy before) automatic only pass does not allow manual cars to be driven, but it works the other way round.


Either way, once passed, within reason and weight class, you can fly pretty much anything and choose your own flight/acro mode inc rate mode if you really wanted. You won’t learn that flying any DJI camera drone.

One PfCO test covers all.


hi @CDog

All my question in the 3iC exam were from the online tutorials yes! Watch them a few times if you are able

where/who are you doing your exam with? what drone do you fly, will be using for exam?

Can I ask if you’re an experienced drone pilot. Just there are a few things I didn’t learn about safe procedure until my exam, luckily examiner was patient and very nice.

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Thanks very much for taking the time to reply, just wanting to get a feel for what to expect :slight_smile:

Hi Lee, I got my test on 28th Nov at Basingstoke I have a Mavic Pro 2 Zoom. I would say I’m quite beginner in terms of my drone pilot experience.

HI Colin

Sounds like you’re me just a few months behind. and i have the pro not zoom. No worries, wish I had a few tips before I did it.

you’re examiner may be the same but different location, shouldn’t make any difference.

Theory is up to you to revise and learn,

Forgive if teaching to suck eggs but below is what i took away from my test and what i SHOULD have done before (and is now 6 months ago)

Practice, practice, practice. Looking at the drone, not at the screen.
Remember to take all your paperwork, I know someone that didn’t and weren’t allowed to even take off
1) Manual Take off, no-one had told me about manual, not using the take off button on the screen.
2) Manual Landing, as above
3) When Landing look at drone not screen
4) Know how to calibrate compass, and do it before you take off, my examiner was stickler for it before each flight. Might want to ask if they want you to.
5) Practice flying, slow and smooth, box all facing one direction and corner to corner, box changing direction of camera, then do both in reverse.
6) RTH, know how it works and that yours does.
7) know your safety procedures and how the matrix works.
8) make sure you really nail your flyaway bubble and try and get all main obstacles etc in, I missed a few including a prison

Sure there’s more but hope that helps, feel free to ask if need anything else

Your welcome.

Hi Lee, thank you very much for taking the time to respond that is really valuable information.
Sorry for delay in responding, I didn’t see your message until now. I have my assessment next week near Basingstoke, I’m just sorting out my risk assessment and pre site survey. Any tips on these would also be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes


Hey there, In the notes it says class F was removed in 2014 but in the quiz it’s down as uncontrolled with a few services and that B doesn’t exist in the UK. It’s very confusing!

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That is correct

Good luck!! Just signed up for my course!


Thanks Richard, I’m currently revisiting the material. There’s so much to try and remember.
Good luck with your learning also!

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