5 shot AEB on mavic pro

Anyone use 5 shot AEB in go4.

I can’t seem to get any decent results from it.

Lightroom merges the 5 but results leave a lot to be desired as the EV spacing seems to be wrong.

Photomatrix gives a warning that multiple images have same EV. I can manually change ev range but looking at histogram 3 of the 5 are identical so I end up merging only 2 and it’s better but not ideal.

Looking at the exif data the shutter is changing between the shots but exposure is definaty not.

AEB on my A6000 does one at normal exposure, 2 under and 2 over with 0.7 spacing. I thought mavic might be similar.

What am I missing here

I’m still on an older firmware, hoping this is not a bug I need to update over.

Heard litchi has an AEB option, anyone used that and can you adjust range?


Sorry @callum this is more than I know about photography, I can’t help you with this one mate :frowning:

No probs Rich.

I’m convinced it’s a bug on this firmware, few reports of similar on other forums.

Took a few 3 bracket shots today and will see how they are.

Let us know if you get it sorted. Didn’t even realise the Mavic could do that. Useful feature. I’ve got the same camera as you and I use bracketing all the time.

Just had to buy a new lens for my a6000. My wife dropped it and the kit lens that was on it didn’t react well. Wasn’t too disappointed though. I was planning on replacing that lens and they are cheaper in US so I bought a couple while I’m here.

Tried a 3 shot bracket today and was better but just wish you could adjust the EV spacing for different conditions.

Going to try a camera reset and 5 shot next time I’m out.

Yeah I love the A6000. Was saving for Sigma 16mm f1.4 but my funds were depleted by the usual random purchases.

Ill let you know how I get on.

Thanks Callum. I’ll have a play with that feature as well.

That replacement lens I bought because my wife dropped the camera - I dropped it yesterday. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

A brand new 18-200mm lens, trashed! I’ve got to buy another one now. This trip is getting expensive.

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Bet your wife was a bit smug she wasn’t the only one to trash one.

Haha more like slightly relieved and feeling a little less guilty! I might be eating a lot of humble pie for a while though.

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I tried the 5 shot AEB function a couple of months ago. Definitely got 5 different exposures.
That was on stock 4.200 and latest Android Go4 … not tried since DUMLdoring things … eeeek!
I too thought there were only 3 exposures, but realised the inner two had a shutter change, then the outer two also had an ISO change (or the other way around).
Will check if today’s tinkering has changed anything.

Mine were all showing shutter changes on exif. Problem was exposure wasn’t changing. Histograms were identical on 2 or 3.

3 shot seems to work well though.

Just checked with my rolled-back-rolled-forward-Mod-4.100-Android-LatestGo4 setup … 5 distinct exposures.

I’m going to do the modded 4.100 tonight.

Thinking it must be something that was fixed in a firmware at some point. Read lot of others with same problems and now nothing.

Cheers for checking that out.

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Did you try this again yet?

Not yet mate. Not flown since modding firmware. Hopefully get out today for a bit.

I was just playing with a 5 shot from yesterday. Works well.