51st Anniversary 2021

Worth it just for the meal. :broccoli: :hot_pepper: :garlic:


Looks delicious! Happy anniversary 51st :tada:

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:tada: Congrats :tada:


Our 67th coming up in Sept…another quiet day! :rofl:

Congratulations to you both, looks good Chinese too

Location ?

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That’s rather a lot :couple: - congratulations to you both.

Abbotts Langley, Hertfordshire.

I don’t know if it is expensive because the wife always pays (I don’t carry a wallet!) .:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Congrats to you both. Well done.:cocktail::beer:

Congrats! Though I am concerned there’s nothing on your plate - I do hope you weren’t dragged away from flying on the promise of a meal and then forced to watch the other half eating it! (:wink:

Anne is my #1 food taster :woman_genie: and so far all has been well - thanks. :beer: :cn: