6 in 1 Battery Charger for Mavic 2/Zoom - WARNING


Or it could be a resistor with first digit zero.


Certainly dark.

There’s a parallel circuit, by the looks of it, with identical components. Taking the other one off and measuring would be the best way to confirm what value … if a resistor.


That would make it 0.18 Ohms with 1% tolerance.


That makes no sense! (I mean, it’s correct, but … )
In as much as fine tolerance is more applicable to larger value resistors.


Yep definately a resistor and not inductor.

5 band inductor would start with silver and you can just make out R1 on the board.

I’d definately meter the good one as Dave said.

Personally I’d have absolutely no faith in if repaired.

The resistor has burned up for a reason.


I think it was a blue band too but I will check again when I get home and have a look at the other one with a meter to see what readings I get.


Best if you remove it - depending on the circuit you won’t necessarily get correct readings whilst it’s still in the PCB.


@OzoneVibe taking off the blown one was a pain lol. But makes sense, I will try that


k’inell :open_mouth: