6 in 1 Battery Charger for Mavic 2/Zoom - WARNING


per my edit above …


As most of the electrical items in your house no doubt.


What is the problem???

Earthing through paint is NOT reliable - is NOT recommended - and should be avoided!!

What may or may not be in my house has nothing to do with what I’m happy recommending others do to be safe!



Why do you always seem to put people down with your replies?
It’s not earthed through the paint on mine #EndOf


As my name implies I served my apprenticeship as an…Electrician
Wow bet that surprised you all (not)
Anyway to get a good earth the paint needs to be scored back to the metal to get good continuity on the end caps same with any screws into the outer case
As for the earth going nowhere on the pcb most manufacturers would just leave that connection dead meaning as you say no tracks to anything so all it would protect is the cable.
Once upon a time we had transformers in every appliance to step down the supply voltage nowadays it’s it done electronically

I don’t know if you notice when you are charging say an iPad and you touch the rear you get a tingling that is you becoming the earth as you become the ground

Here endeth the science lesson …


Sooo I took it further apart, I had to remove the double sided tape attaching the cooling fan to the case. There are wire wound transformers in there so it might be worthwhile adding the earth wire. The components are well away from the case and should never come into contact with the case without an external influence.

Transformers here


Just checked mine opened the case same set up,the wire is not earthing through the paint put a meter on it. I filed the paint off the case and it’s earthing fine now. Thanks for the tip :+1:


No problem we are all here to help


Per @sparkman999’s post … I see no evidence of paint being removed in that pic …


… and personally, I wouldn’t trust that as a good earth without making suitable checks that there wasn’t any pain under that terminal and the head of the bolt on the other side.

And, let’s be damned straight here … I’m NOT putting anyone down if they are making light of safety.


I’m glad this forum and this thread has been of help to you, Phil.

And, welcome to GADC, too. :+1:



I agree with all the Guys above, again being a Electrical Engineer of over 40 years, NEVER earth anything through paintwork !.
Always remove the paint down to the metal base, and when you have finished , meter it with a tester to the Plug pin (E) to make sure you have solid connection.
It could save your life !.
If you are not happy with the charger, or do not trust it, plug it into a Portable Rcd Unit to protect you ,and it !.
Better still BIN IT!.


I’m glad i brought up this topic. I think our safety is being compromised here with such products. I was fortunate to order 2 of these one slightly different without the switch at the back panel. That works fine but i will modify it to add an earth wire to it today. The defective one was apparently a newer improved version. I have filed a return case on ebay with the seller so i wont open the case so as not to give them an excuse to say i meddled with it.

Thanks to the helpful tips guys. This has opened my eyes now and would check every specification of items i purchase in future.


check this out, this one shows an earthed unit not sure if its the same one mentioned


It looks the same one as @MertOzkan originally posted :+1:


Update regarding this post.
Having got my refund from a very reluctant seller whose auction says item located in the UK and ships from China. eBay saw that I was in the right and issued a refund today.

I opened the casing to find out what went wrong with this charger and found the component that blew.

I removed the damaged component to see if I can perhaps find a replacement and possibly repair this charger. The component looks like a large resistor used for high power situations. If any of you out there has some knowledge of electronics could possibly identify this component and where I might be able to get it from would be helpful.

Many thanks.


What colour is the first band on left? It’s hard to tell from photo but looks like black which would be very strange.


The value of the resistor wouldn’t be what worries me.

Consider it a fuse. I’d want to know what else was wrong to cause that resistor to blow.


I’m thinking it’s a blue band - dark blue because the body is light blue.

That would make it 6.18 Ohms with 1% tolerance?


It looks black which makes me think it’s not a resistor.

Might be an inductor.