6 in 1

Silly question time.

I’m limited for space with a hexacopter build. Six individual ESCs would need to be mounted, one on each arm which would spoil the look and have cables trailing everywhere. Thin tubes so I can’t mount both the ESCs and wire inside. Especially as the hex is a Y6 - six motors, three arms.

So - I can’t find a six in one ESc which would work, just running the cables down the arms. But I can’t find one on the net.

Could I use two 4 in 1 and just ignore two of the outputs? and would there be any signal interference from two sets of motor cables running in the same narrow tube?


You could use 2 4in1 esc’s and disregard the last 2 esc outputs. But you would need to bridge the the battery Input across both esc’s.

I would suggest using 6 separate esc’s and use some kind of 3D printed mount for them. Meaning you can still have the single power input. You would need to be mindful of airflow over the esc’s to keep them cool.

As to signal if the esc’s (regardless of what type) are mounted near the fc then it’s only the power connections to the motors so no signal. If you run them on the arms then the signal wires should be wrapped in an earthed cable (most modern esc’s have a ground wire coiled round the signal wire)

Hope that helps


It has, thanks. :slight_smile:

My 3D design skills are virtually non-existent - spent most of yesterday afternoon modifying and printing motor mpunts for two motors on one arm. The hub of the frame has mounts for a stack, hence the twin ESC idea although I would have to buy them rather than use the individual ones I have lying around.