A 360 degree question

I have been asked to fly photograph and film a 360° around a pro football clubs centre circle.

Players will stand evenly around the centre circle and I will video and photograph them.

Will the drone pick up a football pitch with a white line on to use as it’s item to circle?

Ive done it with cars, cranes, hotels and houses before.

I don’t know. Probably best to nip down to your local sports field and try on a pitch there. If it doesn’t work can you set up an orbit it DJI Go4 or Litchi (if they work with your drone? Or suggest they put a decorative football on the centre spot …

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If you use the kick off spot as the centre (poi) it should work perfect.

Radius of 20m if memory serves me right on the dimensions of a footie field.

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Thanks. I suppose we could put a club flag on the centre :o: circle and mark that.

Or a ball