A chance meeting

2 Varne 27 sailing boats meet by chance at a secluded anchorage in the West of Scotland. Music by @EricMaytas. Thank you Eric.


Nice video, but excuse my ignorance, when you have the whole of the ocean to park in why are you 10m apart ?

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People do that to me all the time when I’m camping.

They’ve got the ENTIRE field to rock up in, but no, seems a great idea to pitch up 10 feet from me :man_facepalming:


I guess some people are sociable, and some people … :rofl:

Can’t necessarily moor anywhere with a boat … need shelter from wind/waves/swell, and tides and what’s beneath needs to be considered.

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Had the same a couple of years ago, Abu Dhabi public beach, 11 of us 6 kids and no else on the beach, first couple appeared an hour later and sat literally within 10 feet of us, didnt stay long, they were Italian and didn’t appreciate 6 Yorkshire kids under 10 so close !


I know what it looks like. I went backwards and forwards a couple of times and was just about ready to go around the corner to look for somewhere else when he came up to us in his dinghy and said " same boat!" and started chatting away, then said “there’s plenty of room here, come and anchor here”. The fact that they made only 40 of these boats and here we both were, by chance, was quite a talking point!

My Mrs would instantly declare ‘Swingers’.


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One can only wish

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The silly thing is, it was blowing a hooley and coming right through the gap. I was in two minds whether to put the bird up, but I didn’t get any strong wind warnings. I reckon it was 20mph probably.

Haha! I’ve always wondered about “swinging moorings” for boats!

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On a slightly different note, before the conversation deteriorates too much more, I thought the pan towards the end looked smooth in FCP, I used optical flow but it’s still pretty jerky, any advice for doing really smooth pans?

Hi Eric, Nice video, nice boat - where was this and which is yours.
I’m from Argyll and do a bit of boating/droning…

Thanks Mel. This is near the bottom end of Lismore, a couple of islands known locally as Greggs (no pastie shops though!). We’re on the right in the first shot. The blue sprayhood.