A cinematic video of shots around East Preston Beach

Hi All,

I just uploaded a new video of some flying around the beaches of East Preston. Shot on a Mavic 2 Pro and a Canon DSLR and Ronin S.

Please give it a thumbs up!!




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Great video butch, Really nicely put together. :ok_hand:thumbs up on YouTube too! :ok_hand::+1:t4:


Thank you for the nice comments and emojis!

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Far to good - shouldn’t be allowed :rofl:

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:+1: :+1: :+1:

Professional quality video Butch. Is this just a hobby for you or you do it professionally as well?

Those sunset views made me melt inside in awe, awesome colours. Do you shoot in raw then fix it all up in post editing?

Awww shucks, thanks guys!!

I am a professional photographer (30 years!) that got into film making about a year ago by watching some excellent folk on YouTube. With my contacts I started to shoot some movies for them and in December I bought a Mavic 2 pro with a view to adding it to my portfolio of services. So drone film making for me is very new and I would say I am very much an amateur.

I shoot in d-log or c-log on canon cameras and edit in Final Cut Pro on my Mac. I colour grade my footage using cinematic movie plug ins.

Feel free to subscribe to my YT channel for updates as I learn and hone my skills! Or follow me on www.off-the-wall-photography.com/blog

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Bookmarked :open_book:

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Really only managed to get 1 still, I wasn’t sure why, I just was concentrating on the video I guess but as I flew over the sand-bar I managed to snap this one really quick! Enjoy!