A couple of short ones from Suffolk

Bawdsey foot ferry, to Felixstowe. M3P. Overdubbed sound

I really must get over my flying over water fear

Simple orbit, Mutford Church. CPL filter on with Powerdirector colour filter. Who doesn’t love a bit of lens flare.


Fear of water presumably only goes as far as perceived depth or visibility underwater? I made my first over-water trip at Orford Quay in March 2022 and really haven’t looked back since regardless of how murky the water looked. Suffolk will never be the Caribbean! I love being over water.

Incidentally, that first trip over water, despite being so early in the season attracted territorial interest from seagulls, Another first and not a great combination! Fortunately, in my blind terror, I remembered the best way to avoid bird interest was to go up as fast as possible, which worked. A pity you didn’t show Felixstowe Ferry on the other side only 0.134 miles (215 metres)!

If you’re interested in aerial photos of East Suffolk, I suggest you have a look at East Suffolk Drone Photography on Facebook, my own page.

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Even though it’s fully insured I still get that fear. I must trust the avionics more. It’s not going to fall out of the sky, it’s a DJI.

Good tip with the birds, thank you for that. I got mobbed by some treerats when I was doing a gutter inspection recently. I’ll remember that one.

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There’s no reason anything should go wrong, best to have a recourse should something do so.

No prob with the “go up” advice, just be careful there’s not a bird above you! Otherwise, it’s in the drink.

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Oh I know that. I must trust the flight computer to do it’s thing. It’s just that fear if that it goes tits up over land it’s recoverable in some form, over water it’s toast.

That really depends if it’s freshwater or saltwater!


That’s a lot of water in the first one, quite impressive to watch!

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Was that you in the ferry, @SancastleAerial?

No, I’m on the quay. I was only down there waiting to meet a friend for lunch as he was on 120 mile ride of his pushbike round the county

Oh, I assumed you were having a go at flying from the boat - not recommended! Lucky you had the drone along.

I’ve been going there for donkey’s years and never say a ferry at the quay. Thanks for drawing my attention to it, I’ll be making a few ferry rides up and down East Suffolk when it all starts up again next year.


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Even though I only live in Lowestoft I’d never been there before despite meaning to go to see the radar museum as my late Grandfather would have done his training there when he worked on the kit during WW2.

I do recommend the cafe. Big bowl of carrot & coriander soup with two big hunks of bread & a pot of tea. Just over £8

Whereabouts is the cafe? I’ve been looking for somewhere reasonable for ages, was thinking English breakfast, mind!

Just up steps at the quayside.

Hi @SancastleAerial Jim, any idea what it’s called? I have never seen anything on the quay, I know there’s a car park and public toilet a hundred or so yards away.

Is this it?

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That’s the puppy

Lord knows how many times I’ve been past it and never noticed it! I can hardly believe it! I’ve always been focused on the beach and water, I suppose.

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I didn’t even see it when I got there. I was stood around for an hour waiting for my mate busting for a pee and a cup of tea.

I know the feeling! Maybe I should have hung around longer! :joy:

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It’s a sign of getting old when one of the highlights is a nice comfortable pee and a hot cup of tea.