A cruise ship in 360!

I will probably need to upgrade my 360 camera, but for now it will do.

My first proper tour in Kuula - over sixty 360 images so far. Full screen might be better via the icon.


Insta 360 One X2 ?

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Oh I like this!

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Be careful the Captain is watching you :scream:

Excellent 360’s

Why is it so quiet @DroneGeek?



Me too

One small critique if I may be so bold @DroneGeek , when I do any I photoshop the tripod feet out gives it an even more magic look

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He robbed it mate. Joyride :laughing:

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Not currently figured a way to do it - right at the bottom for Photoshop and that is getting rid of 3D, so barely works now in PS 2022.

Still learning my graphics and so do not really have a method, otherwise I would. (getting too old for a lot of this :joy: )

Quite a bit of this was photographed around 5.30am or so to avoid people. Not bad considering it is essentially a free bar and I was partaking well the night before…

I prefer not to have people in the shot if possible.

It was shot both in July and then last weekend. Mind you what I spent last weekend could have purchased the Mavic 3 Cine :joy:

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Snapseed does a very good job on mobile (healing tool) on the flat image

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You might joke, but as I was almost the only person walking around at 5.30am, I am sure that security was watching my every move!

Mind you when bar staff say that they follow my photos from the ship on social media, you know that they are indeed watching… :joy:

You need to get on the bridge :wink:

And the engine room :grinning:

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Been on the bridge several times, but not the engine room.

Only true if you have the picture :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you do a 360 on the Bridge?

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@Sparkyws knows how the internet works :+1:t2:

Come on @DroneGeek - photos… or it didn’t happen :slight_smile:

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Not yet - fingers crossed for Christmas!


Be cool to do some timelapse while you’re onboard


Not sure if the battery will last that long :joy:

I do have a magnetic mount and a 3m selfie stick - but do I want to leave it exposed for the 80 minutes that it will last…

Attach a power bank

Have a look at some of the Smallrig gear, very reasonable and great for 360 work

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