A decent external ssd for a MacBook Pro m2

I was going to buy a sandisk external ssd off Amazon at a really good price but, when I went on YouTube to see how you get it up & running there are many people saying it’s not great & have lost there files :slightly_frowning_face:
This one below.

SanDisk Extreme 1TB Portable NVMe SSD, USB-C, up to 1050MB/s Read and 1000MB/s Write Speed, Water and Dust-Resistant, Black


So kindly without blowing the bank, 1 TB is fine for my needs, would anyone know a good go to please, would appreciate thoughts, I have not bought an external hard drive for years, that one was not an ssd btw,
Would be great to get it off Amazon for convenience …… thanks

If you can hang on a couple of weeks Rich you’ll probably find a good deal here: https://greyarro.ws/t/amazon-prime-day-2023/64326


For what use ?

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Just to store photos, raws, edits etc, just all photos, just to keep the space on the Mac as free as possible, thanks

I’ve got one of these for my MacBook Air.

SanDisk Extreme 1TB Portable NVMe SSD, USB-C, up to 1050MB/s Read and 1000MB/s Write Speed, Water and Dust-Resistant, Black Amazon.co.uk

Works great and super fast once you format it in the right Apple format and wipe the security software.


So not for time machine or running VM’s etc

In that case they are all much of a muchness

I personally recommend the Samsung T range (currently 7, I run a couple of 5’s) although have a Sandisk one in my work bag ;o)


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No not for the above Chris mate, literally just photos mate, thanks for your reply’s appreciated.
I think I’ll settle on one of either of those, thanks

This is exactly what I have and my drone videos are backed up on it. I use it with a Macbook pro. No issues touch wood.
I think Youtubers and reviewers tend to go over the top sometimes.

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The cloud really is the way forward, what if it breaks? (although I’ve only ever known one SSD die)

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Ah ok, maybe external ssd & also back up to the cloud, I think I have I cloud drive turned on as far as I’m aware on the Mac, does that mean it’s already storing to the cloud ?
Sorry never used or don’t no much about the cloud on a Mac as suppose to I cloud on my phone, or does it work in the same way,thanks

It’s your SSD in the sky.

Unless you buy into a service you are going to run out of space very quickly.

Where do you back your iPhone photos upto ?

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Whatever product you do any research for this day and age will predominantly contain negative reviews more than positives in my experience. In my view, to use an SSD as an example, there are no ‘bad’ ones these days. There might be the odd one that fails prematurely but on the whole…Basically, listen to what folk in here are actually using without issue then buy what you can afford. :grinning:

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I have a cloud plan for my I phone, it’s only 50 GB,
So if I use cloud for what’s intended above, will that work as quick as accessing stuff on an ssd, if that makes sense,
I was thinking get that ssd while it’s less than half price, back up to the cloud for safety or am I doing it wrong, thanks




Call me old fashioned or worry about certain things in the cloud as to where privacy is concerned, are you guys saying the cloud is the better option & the safest option, or have I missed something, sorry this is quite new to me, thanks.

Depends who you use for your cloud.

As for other storage , it can break

Well, would have probably opted for apple as I really have no other clue,
Thing with apple is & please correct me if I’m wrong, sometime back I lost some important stuff on my I phone ( nothing was backed up ) never had no cloud storage what so ever & backup was always off, after a to & throw long telephone call with apple they managed to get absolutely everything back, which was great but it makes you wonder what they really know or can see :thinking:

Not that I’ve anything to hide but what they said was gone for good ( on my device ) at our first conversation, then put on hold many times whilst they spoke to whoever they managed to get it all back,
I did ask a few questions after as to how they done it as I had nothing backed up but with pretty much no real answer,
When I half questioned them about security of my stuff or anyone else’s for that matter, they said they can’t see nothing,
A good old friend of mine won’t use the cloud apple provide he won’t use i message either, he told me why but I can’t remember, sorry wasn’t going off topic just meant about the security side of things within the cloud / apple,
So I’m guessing a reputable company for the cloud & the hard drive too ?, so if the ssd goes wrong it’s in the cloud, thanks Chris appreciate your input, :+1:t2:

So I use google , I’ve used them for email for years and work uses their workspace service (email and cloud etc)

Anything you really want safe needs to be cloud based (or a very good routine of backing up and redundancy back ups) , kept elsewhere in case your house burns down

There’s always going to be fears around ‘what can they see’ but every part of your life is already online.

I use SSD for run of the mill backups , my flights today are backed up already to SSD. If it Dies overnight I’m not bothered.

All the photos of the kids as babies are in the cloud :wink:


Samsung SSD excellent kit. I have tried Portable NVME but found they tended to run hot two different brands. Never felt confident with them so went the SSD route. Perfect with a MacBook Air

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Understand that ( god forbid ) also a reason why, when I got into digital Dj - ing I have 2 copies of my music in total on usb devices, I always keep the others of the premises at my brothers, as again I emphasise god forbid should anything go wrong at home, as my music is irreplaceable as per your

Which has now made me think twice even regarding all my 100’s if not thousands of photos,
Good shout there I need to sort them too.
Great advice, I’ll use google then if it’s as you say it is, I know you know your stuff well so that will be my go to,
Then for ease to hand I’ll get an ssd as mentioned or spoke about earlier but make sure all is in the cloud as you say, I’m also guessing there is a charge for that with google ? If so no probs once again really appreciate the first hand use :+1:t2:

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