A flight over Spynes Mere nature reserve in Nutfield, Surrey

A video from a short flight I took in May at Spynes Mere Nature Reserve in Nutfield, Surrey.

It was my first ever drone video upload to Youtube and so I think the quality/compression is a bit off, any tips very welcome!



It always takes a little time for the HD upload to be available to watch, all good now


Nice piece of footage. How long did you practice for? What Drone? Cheers matey.

Thanks tanglefoot! I’ve just been doing odd flights here and there in open spaces, probably around 7. I have the Mavic Air.

Oh I didn’t realise that, good to know, thank you!

looks good be careful there tho don’t be tempted to fly over mercers lake

always fancied flying round there

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Yes it’s tempted me in the past but I live very close by so very aware of the airfield restrictions :frowning_face:

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