A flying visit to Twemlow Viaduct & Jodrell Bank

Managed to get out for an hour today between the wind, rain and chores.

Only managed to go through 1 battery before the rain started but I’m pleased with what I got.


Nice pix, Joderell Bank is the one for me.



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Many thanks @Allan1953
Really appreciate it :+1:

Thank you @Restyler
That’s lovely of you to say , really appreciate it :+1:

:joy::joy::joy: love it

I’m usually up in North Staffs every 3 months or so, any chance you could share your local knowledge on best place to park / take off for both of those locations?
Possibly using What3Words maybe?

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@Restyler all that info can be found here mate:

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Cheers - I didnt realise dronescene also used W3W - Doh!

Feel free to give me a shout if you need anything else though mate :+1:

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Amazing pics buddy!

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Many thanks Dan, much appreciated.
I see your local to me :+1:

Many thanks @angel_ivanov
Really appreciate it :+1:

Great pics especially with the angry clouds over the viaduct. I will certainly head over ther as soon as weather improves

Many thanks @chadman
Is definitely recommend visiting both :+1: