A "Learning Curve" Question

I make no secret of the fact that I would love a Mavic 2 (even if I can’t quite settle on which one), but while I ponder dark and devious ways to make this happen I am also considering what’s involved in stepping from Mavic Mini to a Mavic 2 from a learning curve perspective.

Has anyone here done this and, if so, what was the biggest difference you had to get used to. Are there any features from the Mavic Mini that you would not expect to see in the Pro drones (e.g. babysitting features)?

Having flown a Mavic Pro / Inspire for years, then picking up a Mavic Mini, the thing I was most staggered by was how restrictive and “cut down” the DJI Fly app is compared to Litchi or GO4 and GO3.

So while this is the opposite way round, to answer your question; you’ll be blown away by how much more control you have over both the drone and the camera.

Flying wise, the difference is night and day from a stability point of view, but the controls and methods are identical (albeit it with loads more quick shot modes also available).


First learning curve will last a max of 6 minutes - after 6 mins of “OMG this MP2 is brill” the bigger curve is in being gobsmacked what you can achieve !! As Mr Nike said - Just Do It