A little quicker than my drone!

Quality not brilliant from my phone today!


Was that in Pock ?

No I’m in the Lakes at the moment, the noise was fantastic, did you turn up the sound? (ignore the dodgy commentary!!)

I heard them earlier today out my way (usually thursdays when they out playing) cloud was too low to see them though

there were 4 of them playing and the phone camera doesn’t do it justice, knew I should have taken my drone out, just for the camera !!

Any idea what kind of jet is it?

Looks a bit like a Mig 29

It is

Typhoons I think?

F15 is my guess! (2mins 37secs in)

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Not a typhoon mate.

It has a tail with horizontal stabilisers.

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That’s it mate F15


correct !, we only have RAF Typhoons “Dogfighting” over the centre of Norwich round here !.