A 'Lone Tree' in Nuneaton


Here you go Peter
:laughing: :smile:


@Steviegeek thats wicked ! I so need to visit this tree love you got some birds in it too.

I am only down the road in Tamworth

I would love to fly round the golden tower at Pooley Park but its a Country Park so its a no go for flying there due to bylaws :frowning: as that too would be wicked

Hi Peter
Tree is easily accesible, footpath/track from the roundabout

I intend to do the Golden Tower, I think at the right time of day it will be deserted and OK to fly.
I’ve not even walked to it yet, it seems pretty well sheltered.

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Steve - I did know where it was as I have a fiend who lives not far from there also a drone pilot and he may also take a walk out to put his spin on an orbit of the tree when he has some time.

The pooley golden tower of leaves - is here - ///sings.thrusters.twig

You can park here - ///splinters.suits.motoring ( Pay and display ) and walk over but it is in a Warwickshire Country Park - its a no go :frowning:

  • visitors info will give you info on Drone flying

So yeah mmm tricky one really - I have seen drones around here when I have been mountain biking and I believe you can take off on the canal but then I am not sure if your line of sight etc too .

quick question Steve - where would you suggest parking ?

for where ??

for the tree - know you can get access from the canal or from the roundabout but not overly sure where to park


here, on the grass works…

Steve many thanks for that info. Now for clear weather and no lock down to pay it a visit

Stay safe and thanks again.


I’m lucky, it’s only minutes walk from my home and part of the allowed exercise and recreation