A not so B&W variant

Continuing the discussion from RTF PHOTO COMPETITION - OPEN - 27/12/2020 to 09/01/2021 - BLACK and WHITE:

This picture is not strictly B&W, but I like it better, so I post it here. :slight_smile:


Using a Schindler’s List filter I see.

We might have A Splash of Colour as a competition option in the months to come :slight_smile:

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Schindler’s List filter

Is that a thing? :open_mouth:

Or tacky as fuck I’d tell them when folks used to ask for them in a wedding album.

I’m actually quite a fan of that look :grimacing:

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I did a wedding in Harrogate with quite a large lady who wanted a B&W print with her red garter as ASOC, I didn’t sleep for a long time.



Nice! I like that… don’t see any orange I the reflection though :wink:

Yes, you don’t. :slight_smile: And that was a conscious decision.

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