A quick 'bash' around the garden

Still ‘forcing’ my way through gaps instead of finding the line. But it’s a learning experience. This whoop is a tough little bugger. If anything, the tune should make you smile!


Pretty sure I’ve said this before, so more of a reminder to myself!

Never (ever) let Karl anywhere near one of my drones…


But in all seriousness, it bounces well!


That is such a great British, Wallace and Grommit style take on some of those US, FPV films. Forget Miami or the Rockies…THIS is FPV, Garden Style. …

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I flew one of Karl’s last week, straight into a field full of sheep, at least I got my steps in looking for it


Funny you should say that @PingSpike. I was pondering launching it from a dji. :grin:

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Good call!! The Mavic has a big enough foot print to mount on… You’d only need bluetac or something to keep it mildly attached until you launch :slight_smile:

Next challenge for me. If someone is willing to risk props. And maybe a crash…

It’ll easily fit on an Inspire… :thinking:

And with no camera attached to the Inspire, the risk is reduced…

Has this ever been done before? We might need to call Guinness if not :smiley: