A Short Fly over Cheddar Gorge

Managed to get out this afternoon after a week of drizzle and rubbish weather. Drove up to Cheddar Gorge to get some views flying over the cliffs and roads below. Only a short video as I can’t fly around fast enough yet to get much more from my batteries! haha.

Comments welcome and appreciated


Really cool. Nice vid

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Wow…never been, but I will go now. Excellent video

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Excellent video mate, a brilliant place to go I must try to get up there.

Did you take off from the car park in the gorge or from the top? I imagine on top is best for signal but no idea how to get up there without the hike del heart attack lol

Excellent video - I was down in Cheddar overnight last Friday, but arrived too late to fly that evening (not strictlky true as I did an inspection of my host’s chimneys, to make sure the pointing was OK :laughing: ).

Did you fly/control from down in the gorge or from the top (I would imagine the latter!)?


Thanks guys, I flew from the top of the Gorge as I wanted to get a dronie video of me stood on the top of the cliffs :smiley: I parked on the NE end of the gorge (where the road goes north before the big loop to the left that takes you west through the gorge). Only a fifteen minute walk or so to the top but I was knackered by the time I got there :joy: