A short jaunt around Minety Lake, Cotswolds at sunrise

My daughter invited us to stay at the Lower Mill Estate last January to celebrate her 30th Birthday. It was just after the storms that flooded the Cotswolds at the time, although we enjoyed a glorious long weekend. :partying_face::grin:


This is just amazing… thankyou for sharing… superb video and loved the commentary.
I have drone envy…
Best thing I have done was buying a drone (DJI Mini 2) and joining this club…
Thanks to all of you who make videos like this.


@Reddevil Thanks Graham. My 1st drone was a mini 2 and I loved it. There is some fantastic talent in this club thats for sure. I’m sure you’ll be soon adding your own awsome footage mate as it’s so addictive! :+1:

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Another great production, Col. Well done mate :clap:

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Thx Chris. Lovely place. :+1: