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Yesterday I decided to dedicate some time to the edit features of the DJI’s Go Fly app.
It’s not bad, but there are no ways to save your project after all the time you dedicate to it, and the maximum resolution is HD.

So I installed Davinci Resolve, a mind-crushing/bending app, and this is the best I was able to produce without knowledge of the software. The learning cure is really steep :wink:

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New to resolve myself (and any video editting really). Was watching some.guidea just need to invest the time. Seems a great app. My split s is first.video done with it and rushed that and not happy. But we gotta start somewhere.

Looks good your first.go!


DJI fly and Mimo (seem to be same editing app) allow you to save projects. You can access via clicking on the icon that looks like an inbox. This works ok and you can come back and edit projects in multiple goes. However if you delete the files that are being used in the video (the input files for want of a better word) you loose the ability to further edit yr video project.

I am considering upgrading to a pc based editor but dont want to upgrade my laptop just yet. Stewart and Alina from youtube have done various reviews of video editing software and you can download a free summary pdf of all the leading editors. Everyone seems to agree Davinci is complex so I was thinking of getting filmora x … Its not free ($69) but seems simple and does everything I need. Again there is a 20 min demo on Stewart and Alina site along with a link for a months free trial. I think I will try this when I get tired of the DJI editor but it is surprising what you can do on DJI editor once you get used to it.

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Before spending money try the free version of


I used it on an old it laptop. Produced some reasonable results and the paid version is much cheaper than £70.
Just a thought.

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Out of interest. What spec files were you editing ? and what spec (or age) laptop were you using ?

I’d like to try editing 4k files but not sure if my laptop is up to it … its using a Intel(R) Core™ i5 CPU @ 1.70GHz 2.40 GHz with 16Gb RAM


I was using a 2012/4 ish laptop.
It was a bit hit and miss with Mini 2 4K files but managed ok with 1080p.

It’s a free download, give it a go!