A trip over to Ladybower and Derwent Dams

Took advantage of the good wather and had a day off work to visit the Dams. Hope you like the video.


Love the video and the inclusion of Dambusters footage. Very nice. Out of interest, where did you use as your TOAL spot?

If you look on the picture above, to the right of the tower by the road. There is a bench and viewing are. As for the first part of the video we walked across the dam and took off by the drain hole.

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Love it

Excellent! love how calm the water is with the reflections…

Very nice. Thanks.

I wonder if they find many drones down that hole… :thinking:

Not Dambusters. Those were Mosquitos, testing Highball, which was what you might call a spin-off weapon (ahem): never used in anger.

Only footage i could find that worked.

Trick is, is to take a picture then zoom in. Safer that way :slight_smile: