A Windy Pano at Hengistbury


It is not just when you double click, I tried selecting the code by sweeping the mouse across the code and then pasted it and the same thing happened.



Thanks for that, it zooms in quite a bit


I have been trying to share a pano and have tried html, java, screenshot … hmm … how do you get the full image like this …


For whatever reason, the HTML copied from Kuula sometimes replaces the < and > at the beginning and end with some character code.

It needs to start <iframe … and end with /iframe>


Hi, yeah when I copy and paste the code from Kuula for some reason or other it always puts a space before the code, there should be nothing before the <iframe… it should end as Dave says above but I found it didn’t make any difference, but at the beggining it will. After you paste the code delete anything before the < then you should see the picture come up in the preview, if it doesn’t then there is still something wrong.